Energy Efficiency Measures Can Amplify the Impact of Universal Energy Access Projects

More Light with Less Energy: How Energy Efficiency Can Fast-Track Energy Access Goals The World Bank, July 30, 2015. Image credit: Valger A new report entitled “EA + EE: Enhancing the World Bank’s Energy Access Investments Through Energy Efficiency,” identifies this nexus between energy efficiency and energy access. The report, which examined eight recent World Bank […]


MIT Student Develops Electricity-free Refrigeration System

This electricity-free fridge could help reduce the world’s food spoilage Digital Trends, April 7, 2015. Image credit: LoggaWiggler What do you get when a student from a top-ranking university decides he wants to do something cool? MIT student Quang Truong created the Evaptainer, a mobile, cooler-style device that operates on sunshine and water. The Evaptainer can help […]