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Relay Network Jumpstarts Energy Efficiency for Multifamily Buildings

Relay Network Targets Multifamily Housing Upgrades Nationwide Elevate Energy, May 27, 2016. Image credit: Ajale Affordable apartment buildings are home to more than 10 million American households, making them a backbone of U.S. housing stock. They also waste a lot of energy. In fact, energy efficiency measures are far less likely to be found in multifamily […]


The Value of Multifamily Energy Efficiency Upgrades

The Benefits of Energy-Efficiency Improvements in Multifamily MHN, April 29, 2016. Image credit: shard202 MHN caught up with long-time multifamily owner and manager Robert Nelson, president of New York-based Nelson Management Group, to discuss how his company has implemented vast energy-efficiency upgrades at its properties and the importance of energy management in the multifamily industry.   MHN: What are […]