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Ask the Expert: When Does VRF Make Sense?

When Does a Variable Refrigerant Flow System Make Sense? Chris Zimbelman and Adam Allington for Zondits, June 2, 2015 In order to understand what the best applications are for variable refrigerant flow (VRF) systems, we should back up and discuss their operation and benefits first. VRF systems are a sophisticated type of air-source (or occasionally […]

Bosch geothermal awareness

Bosch Engages Industry for Launch of Geothermal Awareness Campaign

Bosch launches geothermal awareness campaign Proud Green Home, April 28, 2015. Image credit: Gunnuhver 5 by Christian Bickel BoBosch Thermotechnology has launched a campaign to create awareness of geothermal heating and cooling as an unlimited, renewable form of energy to boost greater adoption in the marketplace. Bosch Thermotechnology, a division of Robert Bosch North America, launched the […]

steam turbine

A Boiling Innovation for Steam Turbine Plants

Ryan Pollin for Zondits, April 6, 2015 Researchers at Drexel University have achieved exciting progress with their innovation of an age-old process: boiling. We rely on boiling in conventional steam-turbine plants, whether they are heated by coal, gas, nuclear materials, or concentrated solar – which means that this innovation has massive retrofit applications for almost […]