energy master planning

Energy Master Planning as a Corporate Strategic Resource

Companies That Don’t Manage Utilities Strategically Are Throwing Money Away Harvard Business Review, March 22, 2016. Image credit: Unsplash Managing utilities has also become more complex as the energy landscape has evolved. There are all kinds of new energy providers (especially in U.S. states with deregulated power markets) and technologies (e.g., solar and home batteries) for […]


Strategic Energy Planning

What’s Your Energy Efficiency Master Plan? Jeff Perkins, ERS, Presentation at PSEG LI Energy Conference, October 29, 2015 Image credit: David Kjelkerud Given the uncertainties surrounding energy prices and pending environmental regulations, there is a growing need for industrial facilities to address energy usage, greenhouse gas emissions, sustainability, and process efficiency in their planning. Operations teams […]

Energy Master Planning Fosters Continuous Energy Improvements

Max Twogood for Zondits, August 19, 2015. Image credit: cocoparisienne Traditionally, energy service companies (ESCOs) provide energy audits for customers who are looking for ways to save energy. Energy audits can vary in rigor, but they usually incorporate some level of facility benchmarking, followed by an investigation and assessment of existing energy end uses and recommended […]