MSP Technology

A Zondits Interview: MSP’s Dehumidification Technology for the Cannabis Market

Nick Collins, ERS, for Zondits Zondits recently interviewed Walter Stark, CTO of MSP Technology, on the dehumidification equipment they have designed for the indoor agricultural and cannabis markets. We hoped to get a better understanding of the systems that MSP offers, the energy advantages, and what brought them to the indoor cannabis cultivation market. What […]

Energy Efficiency Air Drying Process for Dehumidification Applications

Bryan Kilgore for Zondits, April 6, 2015 A new, high efficiency, dehumidification process has been developed by Nanocap Technologies using capillary condensation and osmosis through a semi-permeable membrane. Compared to typical refrigerated drying, this new air-drying process uses 20%‒35% less energy. Additional benefits include isolation of humidity and cooling control, and lower costs. This process […]