The Foundation for the Next Generation of Datacenter Technology

Superspin research project aims to drive more energy efficient computing Tech Crunch, April 15, 2016. Image credit: StockSnap Scientists at Cambridge University are working on combining two fields of solid state physics research, spintronics and superconductors, in order to develop what they hope could become the foundation for the next generation of datacenter technology — perhaps within the next decade. Data […]

Graphene Could Be Used to Produce Energy-Efficient Memory Chips

Graphene Shows Potential for Energy-Efficient Data Storage Technologies AZO Nano, October 26, 2015. Image credit: geralt Engineers are presently trying to develop nanomaterial-based memory chips that perform better than their silicon counterparts to be used in low-energy data centers and gadgets with a longer battery life. The researchers used graphene to carrying the small jolts of […]