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Measure Passed to Block Federal Energy Standards for Energy-Efficient Light Bulbs

Congress Is Still Fighting Over Energy-Efficient Light Bulbs Bloomberg Politics, July 27, 2017 Congressional Republicans renewed their effort to save the traditional light bulb, passing a measure to block federal energy standards that have come to symbolize government overreach for many consumers but are largely embraced by manufacturers as the cost of the newer bulbs […]


Climate Deniers Well Represented Among US Governors

Climate Deniers Well Represented Among US Governors Gita Subramony for Zondits, January 28, 2015 Think Progress recently examined what US governors think about climate change. Using data from the Center for American Progress, they categorized governors’ records based on their climate change acceptance and policies. According to their analysis, 16 governors are climate change deniers, […]

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Shining an (Energy Efficient) Light into Congress’ “CRomnibus”

Tuesday night, Congress pulled together its 1,600-page government spending bill, lovingly nicknamed the “CRomnibus” – a mix between the Continuing Resolution and an omnibus of budgets and various spending measures. Appropriations bills are notorious for containing dozens of “riders,” or small provisions tacked on in amendments that function as bargaining chips…