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Big Data and the Distributed Intelligence Trend

What Can IoT Learn From Smart Grid? Silver Springs Networks, October 30, 2015. Image credit: Kayaker~commonswiki Data Data Data Day-to-day operations for electricity networks are generally run through centralised network operations centres with powerful software systems seamlessly linking monitoring, communications and control functionality together. Smart grid applications have taken this further with additional network monitoring reaching out […]

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Retroficiency Improves Efficiency with Energy Consumption Data

Scaling commercial energy efficiency MIT News, November 16, 2015. Image credit: Unsplash Increasingly, regulators and customers are pressing utilities to find better ways to save energy. Many times, companies send auditors from building to building to gauge the efficiency of lights and HVAC units and offer suggestions for savings, which can take weeks and cost thousands […]


The Wonders of Big Data and Commissioning Practices

Technology—Performance Art & Science Commercial Property Executive, August Issue. Image credit: weinstock As information technology improves and building owners accept commissioning as standard practice, that would seem to mean smooth sailing for commissioning as an integral part of development and property management. Naturally, things aren’t that simple. To address challenges, in 2013 the American Society of […]


BIoT: Running Buildings More Intelligently and Profitably

Internet of Things: Data over Device Customer Think, May 13, 2015. Image credit: See-ming Lee The Building Internet of Things (BIoT) Commercial buildings, manufacturing sites, and retail facilities have an internet of things of their own. Lighting systems, HVAC, computers, equipment, and many other devices power the building and the business within its walls. Again, the […]