Energy Efficiency

Ontario to Offer On-Bill Financing for Energy Efficiency Renovations

TORONTO Consumers will get an extra incentive to do energy-efficient renovations on their homes under a new conservation program in Ontario’s latest long-term energy plan.

Upfront financing will be provided, with homeowners paying it back over time on their utility bills, increasing the value of their properties while helping to cut pollution and save energy, said sources familiar with the plan to be unveiled Monday by Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli.

Energy Efficiency

BOA Promoting Energy Efficiency with “Green Bond”

Bank of America Corp. (NYSE: BAC) is having a bit of an unusual bond sale, and it is something we might have overlooked had it been anything else but this. The bank has issued a $500 million bond issue that is called a “green bond” by name. Issuing the green bond is meant to support Bank of America’s commitment to advance renewable energy initiatives and to promote energy efficiency.

Annual Energy Savings to Reimburse Retrofit Financing

Philips Lighting last week announced a contract with Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) to install LED lights at 25 parking garages at Washington Metro stations. The fixtures, or luminaires, have a wireless control system with sensors for daylight and motion to optimize energy efficiency while delivering enough light to meet WMATA’s safety requirements.