Ripasso Pioneers New, Highly Efficient Form of Solar Power

Ripasso Solar Dish

Introducing the Game-Changing Ripasso Dish – Probably the Best Solar Energy System in the World

Pollution Solutions, May 27, 2015. Image credit: Ripasso Energy

The state of the art technology involved in the Ripasso engine means that unlike traditional forms of solar power generation, there is no water involved. Instead, the engine works via a closed-cycled regenerative heat engine. This means that it is powered by alternately heating and cooling an enclosed gas, which drives the pistons to create the electricity. For more information on how traditional systems differ to this method, check out the article How Do Solar Farms Work?

Because of its forward-thinking technology, there is no need to convert the power produced by the Ripasso device into grid-ready electricity. Indeed, this is where much of the power garnered by photovoltaic cells are lost. Traditional methods are able to harness around 23% of the energy which strikes them and turn it into electricity, but after conversion, only around 15% of this is able to be used by the grid.

Meanwhile, the Ripasso model dispenses with the necessity of conversion and instead captures around 34% of the rays which hit it, all of which are directly usable by the grid. Its massive dish is constantly changing position to capture as much sunlight as is physically possible, which is then centred on a tiny hot point which drives the engine.

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