Bosch Engages Industry for Launch of Geothermal Awareness Campaign

Bosch geothermal awareness

Bosch launches geothermal awareness campaign

Proud Green Home, April 28, 2015. Image credit: Gunnuhver 5 by Christian Bickel

BoBosch Thermotechnology has launched a campaign to create awareness of geothermal heating and cooling as an unlimited, renewable form of energy to boost greater adoption in the marketplace.

Bosch Thermotechnology, a division of Robert Bosch North America, launched the national geothermal awareness campaign on Earth Day 2015 to raise public awareness and understanding of geothermal heating & cooling technology and its environmental benefits.

The public campaign is designed to further understanding and acceptance of geothermal technology as an unlimited, renewable form of energy and serve to advance the industry and its dedicated stakeholders – equipment manufacturers, drillers, installing contractors, industry associations, residential home developers and homeowners. It will culminate in a national day of recognition for geothermal scheduled for Tuesday, October 20, 2015.

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