Is a Chiller Retrofit Right for Your Building?

chiller retrofit

Energy Savings Achieved through Retrofits

ACHR News, May 11, 2015. Image credit: geralt

Not only is the initial financial investment reduced in a retrofit, there are also significant cost savings that can also be achieved going forward. That’s because retrofit upgrades offer significant energy savings, Sylves said.

Gray has perfected the question he asks prospective clients when gauging their interest in the savings made possible by a chiller retrofit.

He asks customers the following: “Regarding your existing chiller, if I could show you a way to decrease your energy expense by as much as 30 percent, bring your existing chiller up to the peak efficiency standards of today, work with your utility company to obtain a rebate, and provide a retrofit project with an ROI [return on investment] of three years or less — all for a fraction of the cost of replacement — is this something that would interest you?”

For those who are looking to decrease the amount they spend on energy, their interest is certainly piqued. Reynolds noted the efficiency gains depend on the existing system. “It varies case-by-case,” he said, adding ACCO’s engineering department analyzes expected efficiency for each client.

Another reason owners may turn to retrofits is uncertainty about refrigerant regulations.

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