The Benefits of Energy-Saving Technology for Landlords

energy saving technology

Five ways landlords can keep tenants happy by using technology to help them save energy

This is Money, May 11, 2015. Image credit: FirmBee

From controlling lights through a mobile app, to investing in smart appliances that cut down on energy use and costs, there are a range of high-tech options on the market that make the home more sustainable. And many aren’t expensive.

1. Smart thermostat technology

Designed to avoid wasted energy, clever thermostats, such as British Gas’ Hive, allow households access to their heating controls on-the-go using the internet, via a smartphone app or computer.

2. Standby Buster 

Recommended by the Energy Saving Trust, the standby buster plug allows households to switch off the electrical appliances connected to it using a remote control.

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