L’Oreal’s Sharing Beauty With All Program Reduces Carbon Footprint

L'Oreal Sharing Beauty With All

L’Oreal USA Reduces CO2 Emissions by 57%

PR Newswire, May 1, 2015. Image credit: makunin

On the heels of Earth Day, L’Oreal USA is announcing the first measured results of its global sustainability program, Sharing Beauty With All. Launched in 2013, the program celebrates L’Oreal’s commitment to produce, develop and innovate sustainably.  By 2020, the company pledges that 100 percent of products will have an environmental or social benefit and 100 percent of strategic suppliers will be evaluated on their social and environmental performance. In addition, carbon emissions in absolute terms, as well as water consumption and waste per finished product, will be cut by 60 percent.

“We are particularly proud to unveil these very encouraging results after making firm and quantified commitments towards sustainable development,” said Jean-Paul Agon, Chairman and CEO of L’Oreal. “These results show that we can deliver significant and tangible results if we put sustainable development at the center of the Group strategy, as we have been doing with determination for several years. Companies have an important role to play in society, and L’Oreal intends to make a significant contribution.”

By the end of 2014, the L’Oreal Group achieved a reduction of CO2 emissions by 50 percent in absolute terms, from a 2005 baseline. L’Oreal USA reduced its CO2 emissions by 57 percent, a saving of nearly 60,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide. This milestone underscores the company’s long commitment to renewable energy and use of solar technology across its many facilities, representing today more than 35 million dollars in investment.  L’Oreal’s South Brunswick, NJ, distribution center boasts the largest solar panel array with over 10,000 panels, which supplies nearly 100 percent of the building’s electrical energy requirements and reduces the CO2 emissions by close to 900 tons annually.

Beyond the company’s advances on solar power infrastructure, L’Oreal USA has taken additional pathways to being energy-efficient and environmentally-sound:

  • All U.S. facilities are certified ISO-140001 and will reduce the need for hot water through a vessel cleaning optimization program called OptiCIP. The program uses dishwasher-like technology and an improved three-step cleaning process, which helps reduce water consumption by 40 percent and consequently reduces the energy necessary to heat the water;
  • The company’s Piscataway, NJ, facility is lit by sun tubes that collect and redistribute sunlight to illuminate the warehouse without the need for electric lighting. These 65 sun tubes will save an estimated 13,000 Kg of CO2 emissions per year;
  • The Research & Innovation Laboratory in Clark, NJ, has daylighting systems to maximize natural sunlight and low E-coated windows that reduce the need for climate control.

“Over the last decade, L’Oreal USA has been persistent in reducing our carbon footprint and improving our environmental performance through innovative sustainability solutions,” added Jonathan Maher, AVP Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainability for L’Oreal USA.  “Our significant solar capabilities and energy efficiency achievements are thanks to our dedicated employees and facilities, who continue to infuse social and environmental sustainability into every aspect of L’Oreal’s business.”

Nationally recognized for its solar and carbon efforts, L’Oreal USA was named a Solar Champion by the U.S. Green Building Council in 2013, and awarded a LEED Gold Certification for its Laboratory in Clark, NJ and offices in Berkeley Heights, NJ, as well as the USGBC Emerald Award for its Clark, NJ facility in 2014.

To view the Sharing Beauty With All progress report visit www.lorealusa.com.

About L’Oreal USA
L’Oreal USA is the largest subsidiary of the L’Oreal Group, the worldwide leader in beauty. L’Oreal USA manages a portfolio of 30 iconic beauty brands, including Clarisonic, Essie, Garnier, Giorgio Armani Beauty, Kerastase, Kiehl’s, Lancome, L’Oreal Paris, Matrix, Maybelline New York, NYX, Redken, Soft-Sheen Carson, Urban Decay and Yves Saint Laurent Beaute. In addition to its corporate headquarters in New York City, L’Oreal USA has research, manufacturing and distribution facilities across 13 other states includingArkansas, California, Florida, Kentucky, New Jersey, Ohio, Texas and Washington with a workforce of more than 10,000 employees. For more information, visit www.LorealUSA.com or follow on Twitter @LOrealUSA.

About Sustainability at L’Oreal USA
L’Oreal’s vision is to make beauty sustainable, and to make sustainability beautiful. Through its global sustainability program, Sharing Beauty With All, L’Oreal is committed to improving the way the company does business across all aspects of its value chain, from research to operations, from marketing to communication with consumers. Under this initiative, L’Oreal is dedicated to innovating more sustainably, reducing its carbon, water and waste footprint, as well as inciting its supply chain to improve its environmental and social impact.