Scaling Up Plug-in Equipment Efficiency


Plug-in Equipment Efficiency Bill Could Save Californians Billions, Help Achieve the State’s Climate Goals

NRDC, April 20, 2015. Image credit: bykst

With around 50 appliances, electronics, and miscellaneous electric devices connected to our household electrical sockets, plug-in equipment is responsible for approximately two-thirds of electricity use in California homes. Unfortunately, much of that is wasted due to inefficient and always-on devices. Californians can help solve this problem by urging their elected state representatives to pass California Assembly Bill 1094 to cut that energy waste.

The legislation also would be a major step in the state’s drive toward reducing carbon pollution while putting as much as $250 back into the average household budget every year.

In fact, NRDC’s analysis indicates that scaling up plug-in equipment energy efficiency could save Californians up to $4 billion per year in energy costs and reduce carbon pollution by 7 to 10 metric tons annually by 2030.

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