Huawei Aims to Support Energy Efficient Networks


Huawei Intros Energy Efficiency Methodology

Light Reading, April 27, 2015. Image credit: geralt

Huawei today introduced its “Maximizing Energy Efficiency” methodology at the 7th Annual Telecoms Energy Efficiency Forum. Aimed at supporting carriers with assessing how energy efficient their networks are, the methodology reviews all components and the communications system. The findings from the assessment support carriers with improving network energy efficiency and building green Mobile Broadband (MBB) networks.

At the two-day conference, Huawei shared its “Maximizing Energy Efficiency” methodology, drawn from an in-depth understanding of ICT infrastructure and customer requirements. The rise of Big Data and mobile Internet has resulted new requirements for carrier business, increasing the number of sites required to meet the demands from MBB development. The MBB sites consume large amounts of energy, squeezing carriers’ profits, making energy efficiency a key concern. The Huawei methodology defines energy efficiency standards and formulates a hierarchical energy efficiency management model.

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