The Billion Dollar Savings Opportunity for the Retail Industry

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Energy Efficiency Solutions for Retail Chains

TriplePundit, March 4, 2015

For energy efficiency solutions to have a long-term, positive effect on a retailer’s bottom line, they must solve challenges of scale for the entire energy ecosystem. However, to gain the visibility necessary to understand the problems of the entire ecosystem, we must track, monitor and analyze each of its components.

By using wireless sensor technology, we can observe the power consumption per device, per location, per unit of time. With this level of granularity, we can, for example, detect lighting systems or LCD screens which operate after hours, when the store is closed. Retailers that operate a building automation system can be alerted to overrides or poor scheduling of the system.

We can improve operational efficiency of our companies by shifting to predictive maintenance of our systems. That is, instead of investing resources in randomly scheduled maintenance, we can monitor energy usage at the device level and base our maintenance on data that points to an anomaly such as overconsumption, idling or under-consumption. When we optimize our maintenance schedules based on this information, we increase equipment life, decrease maintenance costs and eliminate equipment failures.

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