Oncor and Partners Announce Sophisticated Microgrid

Oncor grid operators
Lisa Markowski for Zondits, April 9, 2015

A three-way collaboration involving Texas utility Oncor, Schneider Electric, and S&C Electric has resulted in the country’s most sophisticated microgrid yet. The 1.25 MW operation is actually four microgrid zones with the following sources of generation: a propane microturbine, two solar PV arrays, a dual-battery energy storage system, and five generators. These four zones can operate either separately, in various combinations, or all together through an automated (unmanned) controller suite designed by Schneider that interprets pricing signals and determines when to store, sell, or buy power.

Unlike most microgrids, this one was designed and built for its express purpose and was not adapted from existing utility facilities. Schneider Electric and S&C Electric built the facility for Oncor at its system operating services facility. There has been talk that wind generation will be added at some point.