Smart Lamps Up the Ante for Urban Energy Efficiency

smart lamps

How Smart Lamps Improve City-wide Efficiency

Sourceable, March 3, 2015

Urban energy efficiency may soon receive a boost from the development of smart lamps that are capable of responding intelligently to environmental and traffic conditions by means of sensors.

Reducing energy consumption by replacing conventional light bulbs with more economic technology, such as LED lamps, has already become a well-known and commonplace means of improving the efficiency levels of built environments.

The development of sensor-equipped smart lamps is the next stage in illumination efficiency, marking a major advance beyond merely cutting down on bulb energy consumption by conferring lighting devices with the ability to respond automatically to environmental conditions.

Albertslund, an industrial suburb situated in the Danish capital of Copenhagen, is a leading example of new initiatives to raise urban energy efficiency via the creation of intelligent lighting systems.

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