Amazon Wind Farm to be Built in Indiana


Amazon plans wind farm to power its data centers

The Seattle Times, January 20. 2015

Long criticized by some environmentalists for indifference to clean energy, took a big step toward using renewable energy Tuesday, announcing plans to support the construction and operation of a wind farm in western Indiana.

Amazon will work with Pattern Energy Group to build the Amazon Web Services Wind Farm for an undisclosed cost. The facility, which may come online as soon as early 2016, should generate roughly 500,000 megawatt hours of power annually. That’s roughly enough to power 46,000 American homes a year.

Amazon will be using the energy to power the massive data centers of Amazon Web Services (AWS), the division that rents data storage and computer-server time to corporations and agencies to run core business processes. Those data centers, known as “regions” in company parlance, are huge energy hogs, sucking up power for computer servers used to run its website and Internet operations at other companies, including Netflix, Pinterest, and the Central Intelligence Agency.

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