Manufacturers Who ‘Go Green’ Appeal to Millennials


Manufacturers need to ‘go green’ if they want to appeal to the Millennial generation

Global Manufacturing, December 22, 2014

Millennials might not call themselves environmentalists, but they are certainly more concerned with the environment than previous generations. According to a recent report by Walden University, 81 percent of adults worldwide say that when purchasing goods or services, they prioritize firms who demonstrate environmental responsibility. At this point, manufacturers need to start taking the hint.

More than just a cultural connection, manufacturers who restructure their processes and properties with sustainability in mind also stand to achieve significant savings. Many of these eco-minded changes involve operational shifts to reduce an organization’s environmental footprint, but others are best realized through changes in manufacturers’ facilities themselves.

Looking for a Greener Pasture

Although underappreciated, the location of a manufacturer’s facilities plays a key role in determining its environmental impact. Facilities located far from consumer markets incur higher transportation costs to move goods through the supply chain, increasing both the toll on the environment and production expenses. The modes of transportation manufacturers rely on are worth considering too. While trucking is often the most viable option for last-mile delivery, it’s an expensive choice for long-distance hauls. Trucks consume twelve times the energy to transport an identical shipment as rail, and cost manufacturers more than thirteen times as much in transport fees. Firms looking to save the environment and their pocketbooks are wise to consider relocating closer to population centers and transportation hubs.

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