Is the Home You Are Buying Green Enough for You?


6 Ways to Make Sure You’re Buying an Energy-Efficient Home, December 20, 2014

There is plenty to think about when you are buying a home — but little is more important than finding a home you can afford. Among the characteristics recent homebuyers are looking for in a home, energy efficiency is becoming increasingly important. So how do you know if the home you are buying is green enough for you? Check out the following ways to ensure your home will save money and help save the planet.

1. Get Copies of Past Utility Bills

If you are looking at a resale home, one of the most prudent ways to check on a home’s efficiency is asking the current owners for copies of their monthly utility bills from the past year. These can give you a rough idea of how the house operates. Then you can consider ways to reduce these bills if you buy the home.

2. Take It All In

While you are looking around potential new homes, check carefully for these features: Energy Star appliances, energy-efficient windows and doors, air leaks, low-flow fixtures and toilets, digital thermostat controls, proper insulation, low-energy lighting systems, tankless water heaters and low-energy heating and cooling systems. The more they have, the more green your new home is and the more you can save right off the bat.

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