Can Efficiency Enhance Customer Satisfaction for Utilities?


Energy Efficiency’s Next Purpose: Enhancing Utility Customer Satisfaction

Breaking Energy, December 19, 2014

Across the US, the historic relationship between GDP and electricity demand growth is projected to drastically change. At the same time, utilities’ average capital and operational and maintenance (O&M) expenses are increasing due to aging infrastructure, integration of smart grid technologies and increased need for cyber security. Conflicting market forces such as these can be a strong indicator of increasing energy costs for end-use customers in the years ahead.

In an industry which is highly regulated where customer choice is not widely available, it is now more important than ever for utilities to value customer satisfaction as a critical priority as two other market forces are poised to meet to form a perfect storm for the utilities– a trend of increasing energy costs and an increasing trend of cost-competitive distributed generation possibilities.

Energy Efficiency can be an effective resource to mitigate the customer satisfaction issues that will likely arise from these market changes.

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