NRDC’s Year-End Series: Reviewing 2014 Efficiency Standards


2014 Brings Big Savings in Appliance and Equipment Efficiency, More to Come in 2015

Switchboard, December 17, 2014

The Department of Energy (DOE) this year set final energy efficiency standards for seven products ranging from electric motors to commercial refrigeration equipment that will save consumers more than $54 billion net on their utility bills by 2030 and also proposed standards for five more—all in the interest of reducing consumer utility bills, cutting pollution, and lessening energy demand.

Meanwhile, standards to ensure that our refrigerators and room air conditioners waste less energy became effective, too. Increasing the efficiency of our appliances and equipment adds up to big savings on utility bills and avoids the need to generate as much electricity from dirty resources like coal that pollute our air and harm our health.

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