Alaska Has Great Potential for Efficiency and Renewables


My Turn: Alaskan energy efficiency an opportunity

Juneau Empire, December 3, 2014

Energy efficiency is something we’re all going to be hearing a lot more about over the next decade and beyond. It represents yet another opportunity to strengthen American energy self-sufficiency. Viewing energy efficiency as an energy source can be especially beneficial to Alaskans in diversifying our energy portfolio.

In January 2014, Alaska depended on natural gas to produce 54 percent of its electricity, and hydro-electric power to produce another 22 percent, according to the Energy Information Administration. Petroleum and coal represented 11 and 10 percent, respectively, and wind power kicked in the remaining 3 percent. This makeup is not much different than a decade ago when renewables didn’t play a significant role and, except for coal, the others were slightly bigger contributors.

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