Ubiquitous Data Harvesting for EDGE M&V

EDGE M&V: ubiquitous data harvesting

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Packaging EM&V Systems into Building Retrofit Projects for EDGE M&V

by Jeff Perkins, ERS

Many people in the energy efficiency world are looking toward using whole-building interval data from “smart meters” to assess energy usage. However, this approach has significant limitations when it comes to complex buildings as well as when it comes to answering the broader array of questions facing our industry.

To overcome these inherent limitations, the exploding Internet of Things (IoT) can help us. Using off-the-shelf technology, low-cost systems can be used to gather building data at a high resolution, broadly and completely for every efficiency retrofit completed. This data will help us build a reliability model for energy efficiency as capacity as well as to build a means to value externalities. Through leveraging current trends our goal should be to smartly gather data and increase granularity— not reduce it! Imagine a box filled with sensors deployed over and over across a facility, gathering vast amounts of data, and dumping it off to the cloud: it’s inexpensive, accessible, and reliable… while at the same time ubiquitous and powerful. By assuring greater granularity of data, the evolving EM&V paradigm will lead to greater speed and increased value. Manipulating and mining such vast data sets will yield significant learnings that lead to greater value creation.

Please visit Zondits over the coming weeks and months as we explore the various aspects of EDGE M&V, and examine specific project examples that have taken advantage of these latest approaches. Also, please look out for the AESP Brown Bag session on new developments in EM&V and EDGE M&V, scheduled for June 2, 2016.

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