Urjanet Reveals the Challenges of Corporate Sustainability Initiatives

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Urjanet Survey: Energy Executives Are Committed to Sustainability Projects, But Many Companies Are Lacking the Resources and Tools to Achieve Their Goals

Urjanet, May 12, 2016

Urjanet has completed a survey of nearly 200 U.S. energy executives. The survey ran online in March and April, and focused on the goals and challenges of companies pursuing sustainability projects. In general, companies appear torn between a desire for greater efficiency in their energy management process, and a willingness to commit the resources necessary to achieve their sustainability objectives.

More than 50 percent of executives surveyed by Urjanet said they are committed to sustainability and/or energy efficiency projects, but most companies still rely on outdated tools and processes to collect and manage energy data, severely limiting visibility into project performance. This is demonstrated by the fact that 40 percent of respondents said they obtain paper utility bills from service providers, and 51 percent said they manually input data from utility bills into spreadsheets. Meanwhile, 60 percent said that insufficient resources to complete energy projects would be their biggest energy management challenge in 2016.

Inefficient tools and processes make it difficult to assess sustainability project outcomes. While 28 percent of respondents use software to calculate savings on energy projects, 34 percent said an inability to validate ROI was the least efficient aspect of their energy management process. Fourteen percent don’t bother even trying to calculate savings.

Urjanet’s survey revealed several other interesting data points visualized in this infographic.

Urjanet Infographic

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