EnergyBox Quantifies the Energy Consumption of Mobile Devices

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This tool measures energy efficiency of gadgets

The Times of India, May 18, 2016. Image credit: Друг – сейф

A Swedish scientist has developed a new tool that measures and calculates how the amount of energy that is consumed by gadgets when connecting to the internet to use apps and games, a media report said.

Vergara developed ” EnergyBox ” that easily quantifies the energy consumption of mobile devices due to data communication, ScienceDaily reported.

The tool simulates the consumption of wireless interfaces considering the aspects that impact the communication from the network operator and mobile device side.

The study found that the energy consumption doesn’t only depend on the amount of data sent, but also on how it’s sent.

When two systems are to send data back and forth, they start with a ‘handshake’. This procedure can be long and energy-intensive or quick and energy-efficient. How often the systems shake hands with each other depends on how the data is sent and also the configuration of the network operator.

He also tested 20 different mobile games.

“In principle, online multiplayer games consume more energy — that’s logical — but several single-player games that don’t have ads are still top energy consumers. There isn’t any linear connection here, either,” he added.

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