No Surprises with Trump’s Energy Adviser

Trump's Energy Adviser
Gita Subramony, ERS, for Zondits. May 18, 2016. Image credit: jarmoluk

It’s definitely not a surprise to hear that Donald Trump’s energy adviser is a climate change denier. According to Grist, Kevin Cramer (R-North Dakota) apparently doesn’t care if climate change is real or not, but he definitely thinks the phenomenon is more accurately described as a hoax invented by the Chinese. Given the Trump campaign’s patent inability to base policy ideas on facts, this isn’t a stretch. Cramer is against the EPA’s Clean Power Plan and wants to replace it with a small carbon tax to provide dollars for “clean fossil fuel research and development,” all while his most active campaign donors are in the oil and gas sector. Depending on what happens in November, this person could be our next energy czar, so be sure to complete your energy efficiency upgrades and install your solar arrays, wind farms, and batteries before it’s too late.

Trump’s new energy adviser is exactly the kind of guy you think he is

Grist, May 13, 2016

Donald Trump’s new energy adviser is exactly the kind of guy you’d expect to find passing white papers along to the Republican presidential candidate who called global warming “bullshit” and a “hoax” invented by the Chinese.

Rep. Kevin Cramer (R-N.D.), an early Trump endorser, is a self-proclaimed climate skeptic. In the past week alone, the former electricity regulator turned Congressman lamented the denial of a new coal terminal permit in Washington State and called the Obama administration’s new methane regulations a “one-size-fits-all sledge hammer on the fossil fuel industry” created by “extreme environmentalists.”

In an interview with ClimateWire, Cramer voiced his support for a “very, very modest carbon tax” to replace the Clean Power Plan. It’s an intriguing position for a climate skeptic to take, until you realize that he wants to use the new tax revenue to “fund clean fossil fuel research and development.” The truly curious bit here is that Cramer called a revenue-neutral carbon tax “inappropriate” in the same interview — but his proposed tax is revenue neutral.

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