Energy Saving Tips for a Warmer Home This Winter

energy saving tips

Tips to make your home more cozy, energy efficient against winter’s chill

Alabama News Center, December 2, 2015. Image credit: Paul Nicholson

A crackling fire in the fireplace is warm and welcoming, but fireplaces can allow a lot of heated air to escape up the chimney. A fireplace designed to provide heat eliminates the problem through a draft, which supplies the fire with outside air, instead of air from the room.

Step into more savings with these easy changes:

  1. Place the ceiling fan in reverse to distribute heated air from the ceiling to the room’s occupied areas.
  1. Prevent furniture, draperies or doors from blocking heating outlets or return air registers.
  1. On sunny days, leave curtains open to allow sunlight in, so the home will absorb the heat. Close the curtains on the shaded side of the house and at night.
  1. Use an electric blanket when sleeping, rather than heat the entire house all night.
  1. Set the thermostat at 68°F or lower, then forget it. Remind teens not to touch the thermostat. If you often reset the temperature during the day, you’re more likely to waste energy.
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