Homeowners Reap Benefits of Energy Efficiency Improvements


Pearl, Nest team up to provide information on resales’ energy efficiency

The Daily Progress, November 16, 2015. Image credit: fixedgear

With Pearl Certification, homeowners and real estate agents will be able to verify and document energy efficiency improvements made to homes, which in turn can help buyers and appraisers understand the value and features of a home when it is marketed for sale. Pearl Certification will now be a searchable field on Nest’s website, which also will feature certified homes.

Pearl also helps homeowners evaluate the condition of their home and connects them with specialty, Pearl-approved contractors to make energy efficiency improvements, and ultimately raise the efficiency level of Nest’s general housing inventory in the long term.

The partnership could go a long way for Charlottesville’s current energy efficiency efforts. The city is currently competing for a $5 million prize in the Georgetown University Energy Prize, a competition to reduce the energy usage of businesses and homeowners over the course of 2015 and 2016. Charlottesville is one of 50 communities involved in the competition, which will conclude at the start of 2017. The campaign to increase the city’s energy usage and win the top prize is coordinated by city government-backed Energize!Charlottesville and backed by dozens of local community partners, including LEAP.

“The hundreds of local clients LEAP has worked with know that making home energy improvements is an investment that pays back in dividends in the form of a healthier, more comfortable home and lower energy bills. And now they can very clearly add increased home value to that list,” Andrew Grigsby, LEAP’s executive director, said in the release. “It’s a win for sellers who recoup their costs, buyers who can pinpoint energy-efficient homes and our community as we work together to reduce our collective energy use.”

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