Reducing Emissions with the Development of Carbon Capture

Is Carbon Capture the Clean Tech Solution to Industrial CO2 Emissions?

Environmental Leader, November 11, 2015. Image credit: Grant MacDonald

Some 220 carbon capture and storage (CCS) projects are operating or under construction worldwide — double the number at the beginning of the decade — according to the Global CCS Institute’s annual report, Global Status of CCS: 2015.

CCS — a suite of different technologies — has huge potential. It can drastically reduce emissions from the fossil-fuel based energy sector and it’s expected to play a key role in US states’ plans to implement the Clean Power Plan, which requires existing coal-burning power plants to cut carbon emissions by 32 percent by 2030, compared to 2005 levels. Additionally, the Global CCS Institute says CCS is the only option available to significantly reduce direct CO2 emissions from many industrial processes.

‘Thousands’ More CCS Projects Needed

Still, CCS deployment isn’t anywhere close to where it should be if governments and businesses are serious about avoiding severe climate change impacts. The Global CCS Institute says “thousands” of CCS projects must become operational by the middle of the century to meet international climate targets.

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