Developing a Big Data Hub Network


Using big data to power an energy revolution, November 3, 2015. Image credit: Camelia.boban

Can big data improve how electricity is produced, delivered and consumed in the Northeastern United States?

University at Buffalo researchers think so, which explains their leadership role in a National Science Foundation effort that aims to find solutions to urgent societal problems through the examination of massive sets of raw data.

The idea for a Big Data hub network came in 2012, after President Obama announced a $200 million National Big Data Research & Development Initiative to apply data analytics to education, environmental and biomedical research, and national security.

The Northeast Hub will address four overarching themes: education; data sharing; ethics and policy; and privacy and security. A series of workshops over the next three years will give partners a chance to brainstorm and collaborate on projects that address high-priority needs in the region.

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