Strategic Energy Planning


What’s Your Energy Efficiency Master Plan?

Jeff Perkins, ERS, Presentation at PSEG LI Energy Conference, October 29, 2015
Image credit: David Kjelkerud

Given the uncertainties surrounding energy prices and pending environmental regulations, there is a growing need for industrial facilities to address energy usage, greenhouse gas emissions, sustainability, and process efficiency in their planning. Operations teams and management staff often fail to adopt long-term strategic energy master plans because of resource constraints and the need to focus efforts on near-term capital improvement projects and maintenance. This can result in higher-than-necessary energy costs, unanticipated compliance issues, and lower profits. This presentation will explore a tailored, strategic energy master-planning process that will guide manufacturers in making informed decisions about their facilities’ infrastructure, energy management practices (such as ISO 50001 and SEM), sustainability goals, and process energy efficiency improvements (energy per unit of production).

The first step is a visioning process with decision-makers to identify the desired outcomes, define the constraints, and create an information exchange culminating in a work plan that defines the development of the energy master plan. Next, a process of benchmarking, measurement and verification (M&V), assessment, analysis, financial deliberation, optioning, prioritization, and scenario analysis is developed. This results in an actionable master plan that manufacturers can implement over multiple years.