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Understanding New York Rates and Value Streams for Energy Storage

January 2019

This webinar is designed for stakeholders, project developers, and others who are interested in learning more about energy storage and the associated state-wide energy goals. Attendees will be provided with various resources for financial incentives and technical assistance to be referenced beyond the webinar. Attendees will familiarize themselves with the process behind effectively screening buildings for energy storage potential. We will discuss the value proposition of energy storage and how to interpret building load profiles and identify opportunities for energy storage value streams which include Peak Shaving & Demand Response programs. Additionally, we will touch on utility rate structures and how to choose the best option for your facility.

Behind the Meter Energy Storage Options for New York Webinar

December 2017

Energy storage is quickly becoming a viable option for not only delivering bill savings for end-user customers, but also providing grid benefits and enhanced resiliency. The webinar video and audio below describes how customers and system vendors can capitalize on current revenue streams for behind the meter energy storage projects.

This webinar was hosted by ERS on behalf of NYSERDA's Energy Storage Soft Costs Reduction Effort.

Charging Up End Users for Energy Storage

Who to Target?

March 2018

Ryan Bossis, ERS, presented at NY-BEST's Capture the Energy conference in March 2018 on NYSERDA's Soft Costs Reduction program. In this presentation, Ryan discusses customer acquisition for battery storage application projects and customer education.