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Combatting California’s Drought with Crowd-Sourced Solutions

Combatting California’s Drought with Crowd-Sourced Solutions

Amber Plante for Zondits, July 16, 2015. Image credit: Fathergoose Drought-like conditions, like those parching California for the past 4 years, can affect everything from lawns to energy resources, in part because historically 30% of local fresh water resources go into making useable energy for homes, streetlights, and normal societal conditions. But the cycle is vicious: According


How One Big Texas City Plans to Go 100% Renewable by 2017

This Big Texas City Will Soon Be Powered Entirely By Wind And Sun Think Progress, June 11, 2015. Image credit: geralt Located about 30 miles north of the Texas capital in a deeply conservative county, the city of Georgetown will be powered 100 percent by renewable energy within the next couple years. Georgetown’s residents and

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The Power of Clean, Affordable, Renewable Wind Energy

The True Benefits of Wind Power James D. Marston for Newsweek, April 21, 2015. Image credit: HardyS Texas prides itself on being a national leader, whether it be in barbecue, football or wind energy. That’s why when someone misguidedly attacks one of our strengths—as Randy Simmons did in an opinion article republished by Newsweek last week—as

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Oncor and Partners Announce Sophisticated Microgrid

Lisa Markowski for Zondits, April 9, 2015 A three-way collaboration involving Texas utility Oncor, Schneider Electric, and S&C Electric has resulted in the country’s most sophisticated microgrid yet. The 1.25 MW operation is actually four microgrid zones with the following sources of generation: a propane microturbine, two solar PV arrays, a dual-battery energy storage system,


Texas Rolls Out PACE Program for Water & Energy Efficiency

Austin Launches Texas’ Inaugural PACE Program, Unleashes Private Funding for Water and Energy Efficiency EDF, March 24, 2015 Today marked a milestone for Texas’ clean energy economy. Travis County voted to adopt the Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) program, making it the first county in Texas to do so. This means Austin and the surrounding


SunEdison Completes 677KW Solar System for ATT Distribution Facility

ATT and SunEdison join to deliver 677KW Solar System In Texas Solar Daily, February 24, 2015 SunEdison has announced the completion of a 677 kilowatt ground-mount solar photovoltaic (PV) system that will provide energy for the AT and T materials distribution facility in Lancaster, Texas. “SunEdison and AT and T have a long history of

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Texas Has Lots of Room to Grow in Terms of Energy Efficiency

Houston is the energy capital of the world. We practically bathe in oil around here. So, it should come as no surprise to anyone that a recent study from Wallethub found Texas to be near the bottom of the list of states in energy efficiency.

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Texas Pilot Program to Boost Residential Efficiency via WeatherBug Home

A pilot energy efficiency program launching this fall in Texas from Samsung and Earth Networks, the parent company of WeatherBug and WeatherBug Home, will provide homeowners with actionable intelligence they can use to save energy, reduce their electric bills, and find the best energy service rate plan based on their personal energy use.