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What’s New about Nest 3.0?

What’s New about Nest 3.0?

Meet the 3rd generation Nest Learning Thermostat. Nest Blog, September 1, 2015. Image credit: Scott Cawley. Infographic by Amanda Gassé. You know what’s amazing? Just four years ago, before the Nest Learning Thermostat came along, nobody even thought about that beige box on the wall. Other than it was annoying, complicated, and kind of ugly. Now people actually


Global Smart Thermostat Market Drivers

Smart Thermostats Market Projections for Upcoming Years Release Wire, May 18, 2015. Increasing energy prices and the need to optimize power which will cut short energy bills is expected to drive the global smart thermostats market during the forecast period. However, smart thermostat demand is increasing only in developed regions with high disposable income such