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Shaheen-Portman Act Sees Renewed Action

Shaheen-Portman Act Sees Renewed Action

Gita Subramony for Zondits, March 20, 2015 Last year, the bipartisan-supported Shaheen-Portman Act failed to pass due to political bickering. The act seeks to help the federal government become more energy efficient, and is largely non-controversial. However, political fighting over provisions that would take decision-making capabilities away from the executive branch on the Keystone XL

NH Energy Policy

Senator Shaheen (NH) Questions Brown’s Energy Policy

U.S. Sen. Jeanne Shaheen is turning the focus to energy this week. Shaheen’s campaign today released a report highlighting votes her Republican opponent, Scott Brown, has taken on energy policy that she says will take New Hampshire in the wrong direction.


Stalled Shaheen-Portman Efficiency Bill Might Be Split to See Movement

The strategy—which could occur during the lame duck session of Congress after the November elections—may represent the best chance for the legislation (S. 2262), which has languished in the Senate because of a broader fight over what amendments would be allowed to the bill.