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Widespread Controls Cutting Back Energy Usage

Widespread Controls Cutting Back Energy Usage

Cut US commercial building energy use 29 percent with widespread controls PHYS Org, June 23, 2017 Like driving a car despite a glowing check-engine light, large buildings often chug along without maintenance being performed on the building controls designed to keep them running smoothly. And sometimes those controls aren’t used to their full potential, similar

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Do Smart Thermostats Really Save Consumers Money?

Can smart thermostats really help save money on your energy bill? Global News, May 1, 2016. Image credit: Nest According to a recent study commissioned by Telus, one of the greatest perceived benefits of living in a “smarter” home includes saving money and being greener. Of those who currently own a smart home gadget, 36

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The Benefits of Energy-Saving Technology for Landlords

Five ways landlords can keep tenants happy by using technology to help them save energy This is Money, May 11, 2015. Image credit: FirmBee From controlling lights through a mobile app, to investing in smart appliances that cut down on energy use and costs, there are a range of high-tech options on the market that