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Ice Rink has Installed New CO2-Ammonium Hydroxide System

Ice Rink has Installed New CO2-Ammonium Hydroxide System

CO2-ammonia ice rink installed in Sweden Ammonia21, June 29, 2017 The T3 Center – an ice hockey arena that hosts Swedish 2nd division team Björklöven in Umeå, northern Sweden – has retrofitted its ammonia refrigeration system with a CO2-ammonium hydroxide system. The existing ammonia system was retrofitted with “ammonium hydroxide [as the secondary refrigerant, which]


MIT Student Develops Electricity-free Refrigeration System

This electricity-free fridge could help reduce the world’s food spoilage Digital Trends, April 7, 2015. Image credit: LoggaWiggler What do you get when a student from a top-ranking university decides he wants to do something cool? MIT student Quang Truong created the Evaptainer, a mobile, cooler-style device that operates on sunshine and water. The Evaptainer can help