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Will Ohio Choose Energy Efficiency?

Gita Subramony, ERS, for Zondits Zondits has previously written about Ohio’s tumultuous relationship with energy efficiency and renewable energy standards. Over the past few years Ohio has been in a suspended state as these goals remain frozen, putting the future of energy efficiency and renewable energy on hold. Now a new bill (HB 554) has

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FirstEnergy’s Efficiency Plans Face Critical Review

FirstEnergy could make millions in profits from its energy efficiency plan Midwest Energy News, September 22, 2016 Critics say FirstEnergy’s plan to resume its energy efficiency programs in Ohio could let the company take credit for work done by others and make millions of dollars as a result — at customers’ expense. Profiting from others’ work? FirstEnergy’s


Clean Power Plan is Transforming Ohio’s Power Plan

Surprise: ​AEP chief says Clean Power Plan can be a ‘catalyst’ for transforming the industry Biz Journals, November 11, 2015. Image credit: Pulpolux !!! Ohio is among the dozens of states suing the U.S. EPA over its wide-ranging Clean Power Plan, but one of the state’s coal-centric electric utilities says it can help as it diversifies


Ohio’s Energy Mandates Study Committee Report Found Severely Lacking

Gita Subramony for Zondits, November 6, 2015. Image credit: Martin Fisch In 2014, energy efficiency and renewable standards came under fire in Ohio. Spurred by Koch-funded interests, Ohio legislators introduced an opt-out (for large industrial customers to opt out of energy efficiency programs and surcharges), which then snowballed into an attack on energy efficiency and renewable


Columbia Gas Embraces Energy Awareness Month with Incentives

Columbia Gas of Ohio celebrates Energy Awareness Month, introduces New Resource to Help Customers Save October 15, 2015. Image credit: Bev It’s time to put a spotlight on your home. Do you know how much it’s really costing you? October is National Energy Awareness Month, and Columbia Gas of Ohio is dedicating this week to energy


Ohio Committee Examines the Cost-Effectiveness of Energy Efficiency

Ohio energy standards committee to look at efficiency costs Midwest Energy News, May 4, 2015. Image credit: edar As Ohio’s Energy Mandates Study Committee takes up energy efficiency this week, data continue to show the programs are cost-effective for ratepayers. An expert scheduled to appear before the committee this week has just released a 20-state study showing

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Clean Energy Investments Stalled in Ohio

Pause in mandate for clean energy chills alternatives The Blade, January 14, 2015 Ohio’s two-year timeout on its mandate that utilities get more of their power from renewable and advanced technology sources has dampened investment in what were once booming solar and wind industries in the state, according to a study released Tuesday. The nonpartisan