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The Pot Industry’s Electrical Demands Soar

Power-hungry pot industry taxing U.S. electrical grids The Seattle Times, December 22, 2015. Image credit: EnriqueMendez The facilities in the 23 states where marijuana is legal are responsible for greenhouse-gas emissions almost equal to those of every car, home and business in New Hampshire. The $3.5 billion U.S. cannabis market is emerging as one of the nation’s

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HVAC for Indoor Agricultural Applications

Daniel Stewart for Zondits, December 1, 2015. Image credit: Miguel Peixe The legalization of medical and/or recreational marijuana in twenty-seven states has paved the way for a boom in the growing of cannabis, and growers in large numbers are the latest addition to the indoor agriculture industry. Currently, they account for nearly 2% of all electric

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Can Utilities Help Reduce the Marijuana Industry’s Carbon Footprint?

Now That Growing Pot Is Legal, Can It Also Be More Energy Efficient? OPB, January 28, 2015 Marijuana growing operations can be major power hogs. Now that they’re legal in Oregon and Washington, experts are looking for ways to make them more energy efficient. Indoor pot growing operations use as much electricity per square foot as