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Identifying Optential Energy Savings in Leased Offices

Identifying Optential Energy Savings in Leased Offices

3 ways to identify energy savings in leased offices UtilityDRIVE, June 6, 2017 How many times have we thought, “It’s 2017…what office buildings don’t use LED lighting now?” LED lighting retrofits, occupancy sensor installations, and HVAC programming are examples of these “low-hanging fruit” projects. Have we exhausted all the energy efficiency opportunities in commercial buildings?

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Unwrapping Energy Efficient Gifts This Holiday Season

A Zondits Guide to Making Your New Gadget or Device the Most Energy Efficient Gift of the Season Amanda Gassé for Zondits, December 10, 2015. Image credit: Emily Orpin The holiday shopping season is in full swing and for many consumers this is the biggest season for buying electronics. While the hottest gifts are in electronics

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The Internet of Things is Creating Smarter, Energy Efficient Architecture

How different industry sectors are innovating the Internet of Things Tech World, December 7, 2015. Image credit: Paul B A wealth of examples are now emerging across industry sectors of successful implementations of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies. These projects are creating new efficiencies, competitive edge, cost savings and revenues, and demonstrating that the Internet of


5 DIY Projects to Boost Energy Efficiency in Your Home

Fall Home Improvement: 5 simple ways to increase energy efficiency and savings The Mapleton Press, September 24, 2015. Image credit: stevepb Try these easy DIY projects to help cut down on energy loss and expenses: Replace worn weather-stripping around doors and windows. Worn weather-stripping can create drafts and let heated air out, stressing your furnace and

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Disabling Xbox One’s Instant On Feature Could Save Millions

Xbox One’s Instant On under heat from energy efficiency group The Star, March 30, 2015 Turning off the Xbox One’s Instant On function can provide a near 40% reduction in the console’s annual power consumption, saving up to US$250mil (RM927.56mil) across the US, advises an NRDC report. Microsoft had responded to previous calls for lower


5 Ways Zondits Celebrated Energy Efficiency Action Week

Last week (December 7-13) was designated as “Energy Efficiency Action Week” by the EPA. Since we here at Zondits pretty much eat, sleep, and breathe energy efficiency, we’ve seen a few places that go above and beyond the simple list of energy-saving tips. Here are our five favorite ways to celebrate energy efficiency.


Carbon Electronics: The Even-Better-Bulbs of Tomorrow

Even as the 2014 Nobel Prize in Physics has enshrined light emitting diodes (LEDs) as the single most significant and disruptive energy-efficient lighting solution of today, scientists around the world continue unabated to search for the even-better-bulbs of tomorrow.


Scotmid Unveils Energy-Saving Store

Scotmid Co-operative has unveiled its new energy-saving store, following one of the UK’s most innovative sustainability retrofits. Eco council pupils from Craigour Park Primary School joined representatives from Zero Waste Scotland and other dignitaries for the first look at the store in Moredun, Edinburgh, on 3 October.