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Freakonomics Takes a Look at the Efficacy of Energy Efficiency Policies

Freakonomics Takes a Look at the Efficacy of Energy Efficiency Policies

Freakonomics Takes a Look at the Efficacy of Energy Efficiency Policies Gita Subramony for Zondits, February 9, 2015 This week, the Freakonomics Podcast discussed energy efficiency policies with Arik Levinson, an environmental economist at Georgetown University. Zondits had previously reported on Levinson’s paper, “How Much Energy Do Building Energy Codes Really Save? Evidence from California,”

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Smart Building Technology Catches Second Wave

Clean Tech Stages A Comeback In The Smart Building Space Tech Crunch, February 5, 2015 After the clean tech boom went bust, the industry seemed to disappear from the tech world’s focus as quickly as the billions of dollars that had been invested. But one sector — energy efficiency — has made a quick comeback with a little help from the Internet of

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Companies Cutting Energy Use with Better Buildings Challenge

11 companies making their buildings greener The Guardian, January 29, 2015 Tech giants, fast food chains and financial institutions are the latest companies to commit to improving their energy efficiency, according to the US energy department. Facebook, Arby’s and Bank of America, among others, have taken up the challenge to reduce their energy use over

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Strategies to Increase HVACR Energy Efficiency

The Need For and Sources of HVACR Energy Efficiency Sourceable, January 27, 2015 In the Australian Refrigeration Association’s October newsletter, we described the opportunity for Australia to reduce the cost of HVACR energy use by $10 billion per annum. Most importantly, we noted the fact that the industry is transitioning to low emissions technology because

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The Value of Energy Efficiency for Building Owners

Realize the ROI of Building Improvements Noesis, January 20, 2015 It’s not just enough to own, and hold onto, a commercial or industrial building. To get maximum value from your property, the following need to be considered: updates to the building to keep up with comps; the need for high/consistent occupancy rates; and how a


7th Annual Northwest Industrial Energy Efficiency Summit

7th Annual Northwest Industrial Energy Efficiency Summit Bryan Kilgore for Zondits, January 27, 2015 Every year the Northwest Industrial Energy Efficiency Summit conference held in Portland, Oregon, is a call-to-action meeting where industry, utilities, and energy professionals gather to collaborate with the goal of reduced industrial energy intensity. This event, sponsored by the Bonneville Power


Indiana Senate Votes for Utility Driven Energy Efficiency Bill

Senate panel passes energy-efficiency utility bill Businessweek, January 22, 2015 Major utility companies would be able to develop their own energy-efficiency programs and charge customers to implement them under a bill that cleared a state Senate committee Thursday, but the panel’s chairman said the bill still needs a lot of work. The Senate Utilities Committee


LEED Awards Onondaga Community College with Gold Certification

LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design and is a certification system created by the U.S. Green Building Council to ensure that buildings are designed and constructed using green building principles.