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Preventing Failure With Your LED Lighting Retrofit

Preventing Failure With Your LED Lighting Retrofit

Lighting Maintenance: LED Lighting Retrofits Facility Executive, August 5, 2016 When it comes to LED lamp failure, the industry standard is 3%. For most, that’s an acceptable rate—but should it be? As solid-state electronic devices, LEDs are similar to TVs or other consumer electronics: They tend to fail early if they’re going to fail at

Cree SmartCast Technology

Cree SmartCast Technology Redefines Lighting Efficiency

Cree Reinvents Lighting Controls with the Push of One Button Cree, February 4, 2016. Image credit: tpsdave Cree, Inc. introduces SmartCast™ Technology, the first self-programming wireless lighting-control system that reduces energy consumption by more than 70 percent*, at half the cost of traditional lighting controls. Intuitive and easy to use, luminaires enabled with Cree SmartCast Technology