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Canada’s First Concentrated Solar Thermal Plant

Canada’s First Concentrated Solar Thermal Plant

Canada’s 1st Concentrated Solar Thermal Plant Almost Ready To Roll Cleantechnica, March 22, 2015 Canada’s first concentrated solar thermal plant is opening up in Medicine Hat, Alberta. Known as the “Gas City” with its natural gas reserves, Green Energy Futures reports that the city will house a 1-megawatt (MW) project, making this the most northern-based concentrated

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Schneider Electric Smart Grid Laboratory Unveiled in Canada

Schneider Electric Smart Grid Lab Opens in Canada Smart Meters, March 9, 2015 Ryerson University and the Ontario Ministry of Energy have unveiled the Schneider Electric Smart Grid Laboratory (SESG Lab), Canada’s first university-based smart grid laboratory. The facility, which will be available to partners and collaborators, is designed to test new products and operational

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Adjusting the Focus to Energy Efficiency in British Columbia

Energy efficiency is B.C.’s key to kicking fossil fuel economic crutch Business Vancouver, February 10, 2015 The current slump in oil prices is a reminder that surprises are never far away, and that our most fervent beliefs about energy just might need some fracking. For starters, does it make sense to keep pinning our provincial


Canada’s Green Energy Sector Supplies More Jobs than Infamous Tar Sands

Tracking the Energy Revolution — released Tuesday by Clean Energy Canada, a climate think tank — defined clean energy jobs as any work involved in the production of clean power; in the manufacture of the related equipment; in creating energy efficiency technology or services…


Tim Hortons Achieves Energy Savings with saveONenergy Program

Program participant Tim Hortons is leading by example on this front, Ontario Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli said during a press conference on Nov. 10 at a Tim Hortons restaurant at 2951 Bank St. south of Hunt Club Road, one of 245 Tim Hortons franchises in Ontario that have been renovated this year with energy saving features.

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Is Canada Slacking Off in the Battle Against Climate Change?

Think fast—which industrialized country is slacking off the most on battling climate change? Nope, not the US, where many government leaders deny there’s anything to fight. Nor Australia, where the government reversed itself on establishing a carbon tax and trading system.