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The Potential of Remote Building Audits

The Potential of Remote Building Audits

Ryan Pollin for Zondits, November 23, 2015. Image credit: TORLEY The traditional method for identifying energy efficiency opportunities in a building is to hire a professional to walk through the space, look at every boiler, motor, and fan in the building, and determine just how well they are working together. In recent years, however, several groups


San Mateo County Community College is Taking Building Automation to the Next Level

California Community College District Aims To Improve Energy Efficiency with Analytics Campus Technology, July 9, 2015. Image credit: werner22brigitte The San Mateo County Community College District (SMCCCD) has launched an energy efficiency project designed to reduce energy waste and create a cohesive facility management system across its three colleges and 82 buildings. The 40,000-student district has