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TEP Implementing Appliance Recycling Program

For TEP and efficiency advocates, TEP’s expanded program has been a long time coming, as regulators have delayed action on the utility’s past efficiency plans and rejected new programs amid concerns of cost-effectiveness.


Arizona Considers Repeal of Efficiency Standards

Arizona has one the toughest sets of standards for utility energy-efficiency programs in the country. But the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) has proposed eliminating at least a portion of the requirements, specifically the mandate that utilities realize 22 percent in energy savings for their customers by 2020.


Arizona Corporate Commission Proposes Eliminating Utility Efficiency Requirements

The Arizona Corporation Commission has proposed eliminating the requirements for utilities to meet a portion of their energy demand through efficiency programs that reduce consumption. Those programs, which also conserve water and reduce pollution, are projected to save consumers $9 billion on their utility bills through 2020.