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Building Efficiency

California Green Building Standards Code for Non-Residential Buildings

This guide was developed and is distributed by the California Building Standards Commission as a means of introducing the 2010 California Green Building Standards Code, which is Part 11 of the California Building Standards Code in Title 24 of the California Code of Regulations.

Energy Efficiency

New York and Massachusetts Leading in Energy Efficiency

Events unfolding in two US Northeast states – New York and Massachusetts – signal increased business opportunity for energy efficiency companies, green architects, lighting contractors, smart grid innovators and others in the business of saving energy.

Building Efficiency

Energy Efficiency Spending Rising in Tennessee

To the casual eye, the basement of this city’s Firehouse 9 looks like a jumble of old hydrants, Dr Pepper cartons, rakes and random gear. To specialists in energy efficiency, the 1960s-era building is a mess of a different sort: wasteful hot water heaters for the firefighters’ showers, ancient refrigerators and outdated lights.

Energy Efficiency ammonia refrigerants

Alternative Approach to Developing Baseline Data Using Energy Code Compliance Reports

Application of Commercial Sector Code Energy Code Compliance Documents for Assessing Baseline Practice  Attempts to understand energy end-use baselines for different technologies are critically important for: understanding current practice in the marketplace, determining energy efficiency technical potential, developing effective efficiency programs, and properly evaluating new construction and lost opportunity programs. Unfortunately, there are considerable challenges in