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New CVR Tech Challenging Existing Voltage Regulations

New CVR Tech Challenging Existing Voltage Regulations

Voltage regulation has been a critical part of power system operation since Thomas Edison first lit electric lights over Menlo Park on New Year’s Eve in 1880. For many years, electric utility companies initiated load reductions during critical peak load periods by reducing voltages delivered to air conditioners, home appliances and industrial machinery.

Building Efficiency

Hospital Earns ENERGY STAR Certification through Energy Efficiency

“This achievement is among many that we have received that helps demonstrate our mission for environmental stewardship and also in our efforts to lower our energy costs,” said Roland Vance, Environmental and Safety Manager at St. Joseph Hospital.

Energy Efficiency-financing

Creating a Winning Energy Efficiency Business Case

While there are lots of low hanging fruit (low/no cost and O&M activities) out there, the most significant opportunities to reduce energy usage require retrofits and upgrades in order to capture the benefit. Capital investment decisions need to be made by business stakeholders before projects can get off the ground.

Commercial Efficiency

Energize Connecticut Initiative Recognizes Energy Efficient Brewery

As part of the Energize Connecticut initiative, the Connecticut Energy Efficiency Fund recently recognized Two Roads Brewing Company with an Energy Efficiency Leadership Award for its distinct energy sustainability and environmental stewardship efforts.

Building Efficiency

Benefits of Energy Efficiency in Retail Stores

The Right Light—effective, energy-efficient lighting—can save 20 to 30 percent on a customer’s electric bills. Maintenance costs are lower, because energy-efficient lighting lasts longer than traditional lighting.